Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and stressful, but those clammy hands and nervous leg shakes certainly won’t help you. Job interview are hard only if you are not sure of yourself, your achievements and your skill sets. It is, therefore, important that you exude and maintain an air of certainty and confidence but not of arrogance starting from stepping inside the office and until the interviewer bids you goodbye. In order to become this confident, you must learn how to prepare yourself intellectually, mentally and physically.

Using my 30 long years of experience in Human Resource Management, business education and Somatic Psychotherapy, I would like to share with you during this whole-day workshop a combination of practical tips and bioenergetics exercises to turn on the “X factor” that would help you leave a lasting impression and ace your job interview.

Managing multiple million-dollar companies has made me well aware of the particulars of the interview process and what an interviewer looks for in a job candidate. Equipping yourself with the information—about the company, the job and yourself—necessary to answer at least the most common questions will definitely allow you to project a confident energy. Arriving ahead of time, dressing appropriately for the work setting, and being well-rested and alert are also important points that should not be forgotten.

However, aside from these various preparations, engaging in some bioenergetics exercises, which uses the principles of Somatic Psychotherapy, will further build your confidence past that façade and into your innermost self. Somatic Psychotherapy focuses on connecting the body and the mind, and the bioenergetics exercises take advantage of this oneness of the mind and body to reduce emotional and physical stress. The bioenergetics exercises are systems proven to relieve tension and prompt a grounded feeling and mindfulness, all of which are extremely invaluable during job interviews and many other tense situations.  A relaxed, peaceful and fearless psyche will give a great first impression, and will prove useful during stressful moments once you are hired and even outside of work.

Don’t miss this practical, rewarding as well as entertaining workshop that would help you jumpstart your career. During this hands-on workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy the art and science of job interviews by hearing useful information and sound advice, and engaging in interactive bioenergetics exercises. The physical activities we will participate in during this workshop will surely add to the fun experience of learning how to be fearless.



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